Student Testimonials

C. Lucas said - I believe the training I’ve received today was remarkable.  Mr. Moody explained everything I needed to know about becoming a security guard in depth.  He was very professional in the way he taught the class.  I would strongly recommend this class to anyone trying to become a security guard.  The class was very fun and I learned a lot.

D. Jett said - Great class hands down!!!  Hands on perfect understanding, strong points, examples, straight to the point.  Clear about everything.  Definitely would recommend to others.

Twaneka L said - The training course was very interesting.  It taught me to always go with my first intent.  To never try to be a hero even though ur thinking your doing the right thing.  The instructor was very precise about everything.

Jasmine N said - the training was very interesting and answered a lot of questions that I had about the security guard industry.  The trainer Allen Moody was very precise and detailed about everything he went over.  He made the course very fun and not boring so that everyone could stay engaged and learn what they came to learn.  I will recommend this course to anyone who is interested in obtaining their guard card.  You will definitely get your moneys worth.

S. Ross said - I recommend people to go to A.L.M.  I’ve learned a lot and all the students were all into it which make the class very fun and interesting.

Ash-Shaun Boston said - I think the trainer did a very good job by keeping the class engaged as well as interested in the long, vigorous classroom.  I feel as though Mr. Moody does a great job that would keep your interest and wanting to complete the class.  All in all the class is great.  Would recommend the class to every and anyone whom is interested in becoming a security guard.

Vicki G said - Awesome Course! Probably learned more in these 8 hours than in 4 years at high school! Very informative course, Mr. Moody's teaching style is flawless & he explains everything so that it’s clear.  I feel confident now that I will know how precisely how to handle any situation I may encounter when working as a security officer.  We also had many laughs and great conversations during the class and it was a truly enjoyable experience.  I’d recommend ALM Training Academy to anyone and everyone.

Christian B said - This training course provided by and conducted by Mr. M was very informative, insightful, and helpful. I enjoyed Mr. M's teaching style, discussions and ice breaker jokes which help keep you calm and focused on the material.  The material and discussions throughout this training course were very helpful and insightful in my goal of obtaining my CT Security course exam and license.  I would highly recommend Mr. M to any indviduals looking for CT guard cards or any other services Mr. M offers.  I know I might be coming back myself in the future for future training.  Overall, Mr. M is an A+ and stand up guy.  Thanks!

Brittany W said - I enjoyed this 8 Hr guard card class. I actually went in thinking I was going to be bored but Instructor Moody's style of teaching was laid back yet informative and exciting. I learned a lot and enjoyed doing so.  Even during our lunch break my fellow classmates and I discussed how refreshing this class was and how we didn't want to go on break.  Thank you Instructor Moody for all your real life scenario stories and I can’t wait to check out the movie heat!!!

Stan H said - Best and most informative course i've been involved with. Mr. Moody's interaction and skill training with students is amazing.  No complaints.  I actually enjoyed myself.

Christopher K. said - It was very educating and interesting.  Instructor kept us on our toes about what is valid and what isnt.   Very interactive class.

Christian V said - I was unsure of what to expect coming into this course.  When the course began, the instructor made everyone here comfortable.  Class was small but ended up being beneficial as his training was more direct.  Easy to digest the information with his style of teaching.  He relays the information in order for you to better understand by using experiences and situations in which we must then discuss and attempt to answer.  Class was insightful and loosely paced to keep our attention.  We learned while not feeling lectured.  Class is great for those who like small classes and one on one approaches.  Recommended for anyone looking to attain security certification.

Dietrich C. said - Mr. Moody was a great teacher.  He did the class very well and pleasant.  I give him a A++ for his grade.  Thank you so much!

Quavon R said - - I honestly liked the program that I attended this evening.  I wasn’t too sure what to expect or what I was going to learn.  No matter what the outcome is, I learned a lot of useful information.  Mr. Moody was an excellent instructor and I’ll be looking forward to more programs hopefully.

Kurt Z said - I was very pleased about the quality of the training session.  All the information provided in the session was covered on the certification exam and vice versa.

April L said - Very good, easy learning, funny and easy going instructor.  I would definitely take any course with this company and/or instructor.

Daisy R. said - Allen Moody is a great teacher.  He was clear, made me feel comfortable.  He explained everything even if you still understood.  He made me feel welcomed and he is very funny.  He answered any question anyone had.  I can say I learned a lot.

Jessica W said - This is a very informative course which is straight to the point and makes it easy to understand.  I would refer everyone to take this course.

Jeffrey F said - I enjoyed the class.  Discussing different situations that we might be put into as a security guard was great.  Learning that way rather than having your head in a book for 8 hours was best for me.  Great course.  Great teacher.

James G said - The course was clear cut and to the point.  Feel like everything was covered in a direct, professional manner.

Travis M said - Very good class.  Would recommend it.

Andre W said - I found the class to be very informative, with information that I knew of but forgot within the years.  Allen Moody is knowledgeable and great communicator.

Barbara M said - The instructor was very clear about the question and answers.  He was very honest about incidents that happened and showed a lot of demonstrations.

Dovell Mcsaid - The teacher was very good at getting his point across.  The information was helpful.  I would like to recommend him training others for this class.

Joe B said - Very informative.

Gregory A said - It was interesting and fun.  I learned a lot of things about the law of being a security guard.

Tyrese P. said - Today I learned a lot of things about being a security officer.  Some things I thought I knew but really didn’t know.  The class was very educational.

Erol Ferhad said - Informative.  The instructor was professional and friendly.  Very good.

Traynese W said - I enjoyed the training.  It was very beneficial.  I learned information I had no idea about.  This is a class I would definitely recommend.

Jerica B said - The class was very informative and also fun.  I never once lost interest in what I was learning.  I would recommend this course to any of my friends.  Just as well as it was recommended to me.  Mr. Moody was very well spoken, his appearance and hygiene was professional.  He made the class fun and explained in many ways his scenarios for us to understand.

Princess B said - Would most definitely send people to your class.  Explains and gives great examples to make sure you fully understand each and every situation that you may be place in at the job.

Marquel W said - The class was very insightful and full of information.  I feel that the knowledge was easy to understand.  I would recommend anyone serious to take part in this experience.

Joseph F. said: Hello Allen! I want to thank you for such An amazing experience. I truly was Enthralled by your class. Your personal Stories combined with your teaching Techniques are to be shared. Your ability to promote thought and Conversation are extraordinary. I Really enjoyed it. Your knowledge and your manner to Convey and instill it I have never seen Before. I did not divulge prior but I was a Police Officer for 9 years. Throughout that I attended many classes. None of Which where I learned a fraction of what You taught on Sunday. So thank you! Have a great holiday and I plan on Attending more of the classes you Teach.

Erica G. said: Mr. Allen Moody is a very good instructor. He takes his work serious. He's down to earth. He makes the class comfortable and also makes sure the soon to be security officer knows their work.

Sabrean D. said:  Excellent training and communication. Direct and getting the point across. Great at answering all questions. Great at getting class involved. Great at keeping class interested. Respectable, kind and professional.

Norma S. said: Great personality, very well explained. Dressed very professional and very neat. Excellent as far of point of view. In teaching (no complaints). We need more personality like him. He made me very comfortable. Most of all, he had dignity and respect.

Casey R. said: This class was extremely informative and was taught by a true professional with extreme class and expertise in Allen Moody. We went over real events and situations in which we described the actions we would take. Overall, this class definitely exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to others.

Jeffrey B. said: The training was wonderful. He explained all the major parts of what a security officer does in any given situation. The instructor also sets you in day to day scenarios with different people and makes you decide on what to do which I really enjoyed. It was an overall good training.

Eugene Mc. said: dear mr. moody, after taking your class and listening to your teachings as well as your advice, security has become a wider and broad career to me. i have never been to a school that can clearly explain and disect each part of a security guard role and professional attitude that should be maintained while working. i have been in this field for almost 10 years, and now i can say i truly understand and i have become a better guard because of your teachings. thank you very much.

Stephan D. said: Most courses I've taken leave much to be desired. However, Mr. Moody has raised the standard of instruction and opened up a window of opportunity for me. The transition through the class was smooth like butter. Keep throwin some butta on it Mr. Moody

Unique S. said: At first I had my doubts about the class because I've taken classes where the instructor didn't understand himself or what he was teaching and I walked away confused but Mr. Moody erased all of my doubts with the dept of knowledge about the field of security. No question went unanswered. His humor was an added bonus. He made the class exciting and fun and the material was easy to learn. Thanks Mr. Moody!!!

Kyara said: Thank u Allen for the interesting class. I didnt expect to learn as much as i did about security work. Your pace is onpoint ,your examples of situations were great, and the entire time spent was informative. I’ll advise anyone if taking for the first or anytime to come to your place of business.

Melvina said:  Mr. A. Moody Thank you for taking the time to train me. I never been to any training sites like this. You teach with alot of understanding. Instead of watching a boring video LOL! The class was incredible!!!! I had alot of fun learning at your place of business. I will recommend many others to come to this site for all the training it's really worth it. Keep up the great work at what you do best.....

Robert C. said: Mr. Moody is very clear and precise in his methods of teaching. The class had his full attention. He treated us with respect and honesty. The best thing is the prices are Great. Best of Luck and Success Mr. Moody.

Michael O. said: First of all I have to say a big thanks to Allen Moody for the technical knowledge he gave to me about the security training. The training was like a university course on the security class we took. With this I can carry on my duty without breaking the law and bringing down the dignity of my company. Thanks to Allen Moody.

Rayshon W. said: The training I received from Mr. Moody was very informative. He extended great detail and successfully delivered a Global introduction and understanding of great efficiency to the job/field of security. His elaboration and explanation of his outline would be give an "A+" grade. He supplied all needed information to properly train me for the test. The class wasn't a dull classroom feel and I look forward to learning more from Mr. Moody.

Augusto L. said: Understandable, clear, accurate, all around I had no complaints. What a training course should be in its entirety and more. I have absolutely no problems and I will be back.

Pierre N. said: At first, before coming in here, I thought the course was going to be very boring. Usually, in these types f courses, they show a video for eight hours and then the test but I was very surprised and happy wen a gentleman conducted the entire course for the specific time. In conclusion, I LOVED IT.

Philmore Mc. said: The session was innovative. Mr. Moody conducted the class in a professional manner. Information gained at A.L.M. can, without question, keep a security officer within the laws of his/her job. Recommending A.L.M. to future applicants would be an honor.

Sandie D. said: This 8 hour class was unlike other classes I've taken in the past. The instructor put us in the mood to actually be alert and to also contain the information that is being done. Unlike my last 8 hour they pretty much put in a tape and you just watch. He made this class exciting and got everyone involved. And this class was worth it because I'm left with becoming a good security guard. Thank you.

Amanda W. said: Honestly, my opinion about A.L.M. training was great. I didn't know what to expect because someone told me there would be video but there was a teacher who got through the cracks of all questions and answered it and taught it very well! It was a good experience on my behalf.

Raffy A. said: The training class was simplified by the director very well. He was very understanding, clear and broke down every detail to the bone. The environment was very comfortable and I had a chance to speak my mind. I would recommend to everyone thinking about looking for a career in being a security guard that A.L.M. is the place to get your certificates. Its very affordable and very legit.

Steve La. said: I take my hat off to Mr. Allen Moody. I have been in the security industry on and off since 1997 and when it was time to re-certify I have NEVER gotten any infomation taught to me by an instructor like him. He is very informative and clear about what there is to be done and keeps you asking questions and when he is done he leave you knowing your job from A to Z

Darryl G. said:  I enjoyed my experience here at A.L.M. Security Training. With the information I learned, it can really help me in a situation. The best thing here was the instructor's teaching method. He made sure everyone understood how important being a security officer really was.

Lawrence L. said: Iworked security for 4 years and learned all their is to know about security in one day with A.L.M. Security by Allen Moody. Thank you. I will be back for more training

Phil L. said: I think it was the best training I've ever had. I just came for the eight hour certificate cause I have everything else but I wish I didn't cause I would have rather got everything here.